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Would you like to have white, healthy and clean teeth? You can rely on us.

Precision is the priority of our hygiene programme. What does precision in hygiene mean?

Perfect removal of tartar.

Many of our patients think that Airflow treatment is sufficient. It is a misconception: we need to fully remove hard tartar before using the Airflow system.Otherwise, it would be like waxing and polishing a dirty car. The Airflow system just polishes teeth, removing soft dental plaque and pigment (colour spots). The perfect removal of tartar also involves its elimination below the gum edge. This is something a patient cannot check but if it is not done, the gum bacteria could cause a lot of damage in the future.

Ultrasonic Teeth Cleaning

It is a supplementary method and it is not effective on its own. It is also important to clean the teeth manually. Although the ultrasound disrupts the deposits of tartar, it does not remove it completely. It is like shovelling snow from a driveway using just a shovel handle. We break the snow layer, but we do not remove the snow perfectly.

TIP: How to clean your teeth correctly

The correct way to clean your teeth and the right choice of dental aids is the most important thing you will learn in our hygiene programme. As a result, you will be to enjoy the feeling of beautiful, clean teeth in the comfort of your home and prevent tartar and plaque build-up.

Children are very important for us. We teach them how to clean their teeth correctly and show them that dental treatment can be a pleasant experience. We also recommend to parents of children with an increased risk of tooth decay or with deep pits and fissures in permanent molars to seal them to prevent tooth decay.

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