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Our green activities

We are the first company in Hlohovec that asked for a recycling waste container.

We replaced the clinic’s flat roof with an extensive green roof to improve the climate and reduce CO2 emissions. Green roofs have a number of positive benefits for the environment.

Another step is the incorporation of permaculture elements into the garden. We replaced ornamental plants with fruit trees and shrubs.

We also leave a big part of the area without mowing. These places are left “wild” and intended for animals that lose their natural habitat due to excessive mowing in the town. Areas that are not mowed are not inhabited by weeds, but meadow plants. Other benefits include improved ambient climate, better rainwater retention and petrol, time and energy savings. Composting, economical watering and mulching are a matter of course.

We also strive to minimise waste and maximise its recycling. You will not find plastic cups on patient chairs. We replaced them with fully compostable cups, made of NONOILEN corn starch in cooperation with the Slovak Academy Sciences (we were the investor and the author of this project) and the cooperation also leads to the development of other similar products. The introduction of tapped drugstore goods is also important as their consumption keeps growing along with the clinic.

We produce distilled water ourselves, as its transport is ecologically inefficient (a lot of plastic).

We encourage our employees to recycle things as much as possible, or give them a second chance and borrow/lend them.

We have introduced plant food support at the company and our lunches come from green companies.

We wanted to create space for children practices because the environment in which children are treated has a great impact on working with them. For this reason and because the clinic is adjacent to the town park and the embankment of the Váh River, wood was the best choice. After preliminary hygienic approval, we implemented our plan.

Today, it should be standard that water features should be part of the built-up areas. That’s why we built a bio-pool, which we operate without any chemistry. Plants and gravel are used for filtration.

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