Dentures, crowns or bridges: a reason to smile again.

Prosthetics is a beautiful and complex field of dentistry. It addresses aesthetic, but primarily functional tooth restoration. We have used prosthetic procedures to restore healthy and white teeth and smiles for many patients. They can now enjoy food that they were unable to eat due to missing teeth. Dentures are designed to substitute the missing parts of teeth. If you need a bridge, crown, facet or anything else, we are here for you.MDDr. Roman Andil is a recognised and dedicated specialist in this field. He has treated numerous satisfied patients. He is a guarantee that your teeth will again be beautiful, white and without any aesthetic defects.

What are the options in aesthetic dental correction?

There are several options, the most common are ceramic facets, different types of crowns, partial or fully-removable dentures.

Dental crown

We choose a dental crown if a tooth is damaged, weakened, split off, crooked or stained. Special CEREC software and device is used to make a new all-ceramic crown, which cannot be distinguished from the adjacent teeth. The treatment is painless in local anaesthesia. In simpler cases, you can leave with a new tooth in two to three hours. In more complicated cases, it is necessary to make impressions, transfer them to a model and make crowns in the laboratory. This treatment takes a little longer.


Ceramic facets are mainly used to treat upper front teeth. They are used when changing the shape, colour, position and size of teeth. A facet is a very strong but thin shell that resembles the front of the tooth. It is attached with special material to teeth that do not have to be filed down.

There are countless materials used in prosthetic dentistry. The crowns are made from resin, metal and ceramics, ceramics, zircon and they may also be hybrid. We do not expect you to be an expert in prosthetic materials. We will help you choose the best one for you.

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