All patients are unique and so are their problems. That’s why our approach to every patient is comprehensive. Treatment at Andel Dental Elite Center has several benefits.

Beautiful smile with straight teeth

Are you troubled by crooked teeth and decided to upgrade your smile? You are at the right place! We can straighten teeth at any age.There is technological progress in dentistry and we offer our patients the most modern methods of treatment, 3D scanning, visualisation and planning of tooth displacement.

Healthy teeth under the braces

Do you want your teeth to stay healthy under the braces? Hygiene is very important in orthodontic treatment. We are very strict in this respect because fixed or removable braces create conditions for faster plaque build-up. We give every patient dental hygiene aids and detailed instructions how to properly care for teeth and fixed or removable braces.

A great advantage of invisible braces is that you can remove them and put them back on at any time. Hygiene is much easier: you brush your teeth without braces. The only pitfall are sweetened and sour drinks, which need to be limited while wearing invisible braces.

Get treated by top experts in orthodontics

The orthodontic practice at Andel Dental Elite Center is one of the most advanced in Slovakia. We are able to treat surgical patients who are not accepted by standard orthodontic outpatient practices (patients with skeletal defects requiring a surgery in a hospital at the department of maxillofacial surgery).

We will do more than just straighten your teeth, all at one place

Do you have more problems than straightening your teeth? If our entry examination reveals other than orthodontic problems, we will schedule all the necessary treatments here at one place and with top specialists. Simply put, orthodontics is integrated into a complete treatment plan and is not addressed separately. If a patient is sent by another doctor for orthodontics only, we will send this doctor a list of the necessary procedures for successful completion of treatment. If those procedures are not offered to patients at the doctor’s practice, we are happy to help.

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