I have a number of positive experiences with your centre, I would like to comment mainly on dental hygiene by Petra Hircová. Golden hands, golden heart, nice approach to maybe a little specific needs of mine. A pleasant atmosphere throughout the treatment, I almost don’t know where I am :). And I thought for the first time that I will not endure an hour in the chair, that I would be afraid because I didn’t know exactly what’s waiting for me. Now I know that I will come to you without worries, with joy. Peter Páleník / Facebook (6/1/2018)
Today, the visit at the centre was great and unforgettable, I have not seen such an approach to children. Dentists from Piešťany could use some training here how to treat children who are afraid. Today, they did what is almost impossible, my son sat down in the chair without problems and opened his mouth. They could not do it in Piešťany. I would like to thank the whole Andel team, you are great. Marcela Babacova / Facebook (5/2/2018)
My son is a very difficult patient, but he did perfectly thanks to Ms Rafayová, thank you. Lenka Poláčeková / Facebook (15/2/2018)
We would like to thank Ms Rafayová and her nurse for their wonderful approach. We only have teeth repaired with a smile. (Laura (6) and her happy mother) Anna Jakubíková / Facebook (21/2/2018)
I’m sitting and waiting for dental treatment. A nice young woman comes: “Come in.” She sets me up in the dental chair and begins to explain details of today’s treatment: two deep decays and possibly pulling of nerves. She assures me that I don’t have to worry, I will not feel anything. Then an anaesthetic injection and a question: “What’s your favourite music?” I say: “Queen.” Bohemian Rhapsody mixes with the dental drill. I’m lucky, the decay did not get to the nerve, so the tooth can be filled. One is done, let’s do the next. The Flash Gordon soundtrack with the drill. No pain! “Hold on for a moment,” says the dentist. Done! “We are the champions…” sings Freddie Mercury. How symbolic… Finally, the doctor explains how it all happened, showing me photos on the monitor… SCIENCE FICTION??? No, my today’s visit at Andel Dental Elite Center. Well done! Thank you! Adriana Mlynská / Facebook (26/9/2016)
I would like to thank Ms Rafayová for her wonderful approach. She has treated our autistic son several times. You are one of the few private centres that really cares for the needs of small patients with special needs. Big thank you. Barborka Lokšenincová / Facebook (9/9/2018)
I have been once, but MAXimum satisfaction. My broken molar was pulled and I don’t even know when. You pay for high quality. Sisa / Facebook (6/6/2017)
I would like to thank the whole team of doctors and nurses... you are doing great work. I can confirm great approach to children during the treatment and during dental hygiene. I can only recommend the high-quality treatment and also personal approach to every patient. Jana Mišovičová / Facebook (22/6/2016)
I have been visiting Andel Dental Elite Center since January 2016 after a recommendation from my friends. Just as they recommended the centre to me, I also recommend it to all those who have tooth problems, but also to those who do not want to have tooth problems. The care is top-class and professional, the whole team is professional and nice and the work is great at a high professional level, it’s a pleasure to look in the mirror at your own teeth. My wife and son also visit this centre and we cannot say anything other than THANK YOU!!! Pavol Zverbík / Facebook (8/8/2016)
Great approach, especially to children :) Al / Facebook (11/8/2017)
I would like to thank all nurses and doctors for their wonderful approach. I recommend visiting your centre to all those who would like to wear braces. High expertise. Although the treatments are not the cheapest, they are worth the investment :-) Thank you for everything. Lucia Kristekova / Facebook (8/8/2016)
Our whole family visits this centre. They have excellent approach and high-quality experts. Our little girl looks forward to visiting the dentist ;-) Definitely recommended. Miloš Košťál / Facebook (16/6/2016)
Great approach of doctors and nurses. My children’s teeth do not hurt, their teeth are treated in time at the centre, and the kids go there without stress, fear and looking forward to seeing the doctor. In my opinion, it is a high-quality centre with the latest knowledge and experts. Alena Mozolová Kačalová / Facebook (11/7/2016)
You are top. I recommend the great approach, fantastic staff. High-quality care. We visit you with our little girl and you are really great. She would not open her mouth elsewhere. Dominika Kabarcová Kolenova / Facebook (1/7/2016)
Thank you! I can only recommend! I felt like Alice in Wonderland. Nice and courteous staff. Pleasant environment. Incredible approach to the patient. Strict adherence to agreed appointment times. Timotej Husár / Facebook (30/9/2016)
We would like to thank the dentist Adam Mikušek and his nurse Adriana Bardiovská for great work, you are amazing and we are happy to visit your practice. Marianna Haršániová Fabušová / Facebook (6/3/2017)
Perfect approach to little children, we were there today, they pulled our teeth and we got through it with a great doctor and nurse. Recommended. Lenka Kociskova/ Facebook (14/6/2016)
Pleasant environment and a very professional and nice approach of doctors and nurses do not allow patients’ fears to enter the practice. THANK YOU for your care and I highly recommend it to all those who like their teeth. Alena Zelenicka / Facebook (1/6/2106)
Professional dental care over many years, nice approach... I would like to thank the whole team. Ada Gubrická / Facebook (15/2/2017)
Our whole family visits your centre, we are very satisfied. Great approach, nice staff. I had serious problems with teeth and everyone is very willing to deal with them and not just pull teeth out. Recommended. Tatiana Gaňová / Facebook (29/6/2016)
Professionalism at the highest level, nice nurses, professional approach of doctors, top equipment. Nikoleta Nikodemová / Facebook (22/6/2016)
I would like to thank Adam Mikuš for the initial consultation and recommendation of this great clinic and MDDr. Dominika Halajová and her nurse for their wonderful approach, professional treatment and especially for the saved tooth, which was almost extracted by my old dentist. Amazing staff, clinic ;). Highly recommended. Ivka Gugová Nižňanská / Facebook (10/3/2015)
A highly specialised dental centre with a nice approach to patients. It’s worth the drive from Lučenec. Recommended. Henrieta Matuskova / Facebook (14/3/2016)
It’s difficult to find such a great approach these days :-) Highly recommended! Seeing a dentist has become a pleasant experience ... Thank you. Robo Eres / Facebook (1/7/2016)
I’m very happy with Dr. Andil’s approach and care. He is a professional in prosthetics. Marian Pocuch / Facebook (22/4/2017)
A pleasant environment and approach during the treatment. Recommended. Monika Gulova / Facebook (21/6/2016)
There’s nothing to add: excellent service! Jana Barusová / Facebook (26/11/2016)
Best approach to children. Veronika Wewe Sedláčeková / Facebook (11/8/2016)
Very nice staff and high professionalism. Thank you. Recommended. Andrea Adamcova / Facebook (31/12/2016)
True professionals. In everything: approach to patients, work, communication, cleanliness, it’s a pleasure to go there. Zuzana Bilaničová / Facebook (8/9/2016)
Exemplary customer approach. If only all businessmen had such an approach... My children and I are leaving with a smile, not a trauma! Miroslav Bilanič / Facebook (8/9/2016)
Absolute satisfaction. There’s nothing to add. Great. :) Recommended. Miroslav Gajdošík / Facebook (2/5/2105)
Great approach. Veronika Kovačičová / Facebook (5/5/2016)
Great approach. I was always afraid of seeing a dentist. Since I’ve been going to Andel Center, I have no worries. Zuzana Vlková Pallayová / Facebook (4/1/2015)
Satisfied. Dan Andreansky / Facebook (14/6/2016)
TOP Va / Facebook (8/6/2017)
My today’s experience at the clinic was great. I would like to thank the doctor for her help with acute tooth pain. The approach and technical equipment convinced me that it is time to address my dental problems here, so I got an appointment. I would like to tell all those who are afraid of a dentist or are postponing their teeth problems: try this clinic and you will be satisfied like me today. I believe that my following visits will be 5* and soon I will shine with a beautiful smile. Matej Simoncic / Google
I didn’t know that seeing a dentist can be so pleasant. Professional approach from the reception desk to nurses and dentists. Patient comfort is definitely a TOP priority. I will not go elsewhere. Martina Predajňová / Google
I have been a patient of this clinic for more than 5 years and I like how this centre progresses in comprehensive care and technology, and also in personal and friendly approach of the whole team. Recommended :) Soňa Tepalová / Google
Excellent care for the patient/client. After visiting the centre, I no longer sweat when thinking about seeing a dentist. Highly recommended. Dada Dadova / Google
Very nice and helpful staff, pleasant environment, excellent expert care and professional approach. Jevgenij Dynnikov / Google
Great care and excellent coffee in the café. Marta Trnkova / Google
I am a regular of hygiene. Friendly environment, professional approach, recommended. Ján Baracka / Google
I was a patient of this dental center several times, always leaving happy. Dental hyghiene was very detail oriented and patience of Mr. Kramarik with patients was extraordinary, also when I was told how to brush my teeth and what I am doing wrong. I recommend this dental center. Tomáš Lacika/ Google

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